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exhaust refers to what comes out of your car’s tailpipe.This is all the particulates, waste, and air that comes out of your engine through the exhaust system. Various pipes are used to make sure the exhaust gets out of the car, such as the header which makes it easier to push exhaust out of the cylinders, and the exhaust manifold which collects this exhaust and converges them into one pipe. The pipes can do a variety of things, and the system itself is important in making sure you aren’t exposed to harmful Carbon Monoxide, which when inhaled could poison you, even if your windows are rolled down. If your life isn’t enough to show you why you need your exhaust system to function well, the miles-per-gallon of your car goes down with a bad exhaust system, and your engine’s performance also suffers. It is paramount to your safety that you make sure this system is working well. If it isn’t, your check engine light will turn on, which is your cue to see it checked.

Mufflers, while not technically necessary for your car to run, is helpful with keeping the car’s exhaust quiet to not disturb anyone around you. The blaring noise can disturb neighbors, pedestrians, even passengers when your muffler doesn’t work. It’s more for being considerate to others, rather than the car’s running itself.

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