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Bryan Christensen

Clearing the Air – Vehicle Emission System

Taking good care of your exhaust and emission system is not only good for the environment but for your car’s and your own well-being. Many new vehicles are coming equipped with a host of sensors and regulators to measure the emissions your vehicle puts into the atmosphere. The emission system monitors the exhaust using an

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Show Your Car Some Love

Thursday is Valentine’s Day and your car does not want Candy or Balloons. Instead it will appreciate some love in the form of any preventative maintenance services that may be due or simply checking vital fluids, filters and tire pressure. It is a simple fact that vehicles wear out with use. The good news is

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Sensing and Sensibility

Sensing and Sensability Sourced: Kevin Clemens – Once the vehicle has been started, the engine oil pressure, coolant level and temperature, transmission status and fuel level are all sampled by sensors, and their status is reported to the driver. Usually through a general “systems OK” message. Some cars alert the driver only when there

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Busting Car Care Myths

In today’s Car Care Tips, we will be letting you know some of the myths that surround cars and the reality that they elude from us. Myth: Regular Tune-Up’s are a necessary part of your regular maintenance schedule Reality: Today’s engines have computer-monitored and -controlled systems that still need to be checked, but they don’t

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You’ll Be “Thankful” For This Pre-Holiday Travel Checklist

This time next week will be Thanksgiving and along with preparing the traditional Thanksgiving dinner you should also give some thought to preparing your vehicle for the inevitable driving most of us do over the holiday. Last year AAA projected that approximately 43.6 million travelers would take a trip at least 50 miles away from

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Car Battery Care and Maintenance

Extreme temperatures are tough on batteries. Heat causes the water/acid mixture in the battery to evaporate quickly and winter is tough on batteries, for a few reasons: The use of lights, heater, wipers, heated seats etc. demands more current from a battery. The battery also cannot produce its normal amount of energy because of the

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