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Oil & Filter change

Oil and Oil Filter

Inside of your car, many parts are moving around to keep your wheels turning and your car running. Since movement causes friction between the moving parts, heat is created. Oil is important to these parts because it lubricates them and absorbs the heat of friction; dirty oil can lead to damage to the engine. Cleaning this oil is one way to keep your engine working smoothly. The Oil Filter is there to keep harmful dirt and other particles out of the oil so that you don’t have dirty oil doing harm to your engine.

Some vehicle manufactures recommend changing up to 7,500 Miles.

The oil in your car is its lifeblood. It provides the lubrication that allows the engine parts to move freely, and it absorbs heat so that the engine can run smoothly. It’s important that you do get it changed that often. Dirt builds up in the oil, and that wears down the parts in your car and it makes your oil lose its lubricating qualities.  To help keep your oil clean you’ll also need to change the filter, of course. The filter is what keeps all the dirt out of the oil, but if the filter is overworked then some of it will escape into the oil. We recommend replacing your oil filter at the same time as your oil. If you’re driving in severe conditions or you’re making frequent stops and short drives of 5 minutes or less, then you may need to get them changed more often.

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