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Radiator Cap

The radiator cap is in charge of keeping the pressure in your cooling system. This is important because the more pressurized the coolant in your car is, the higher the boiling point, meaning it can store more heat. It also regulates the pressure so that, when there’s too much pressure, it moves the coolant to the overflow tank. Here’s how you can tell if something has gone wrong with your radiator cap:

  • Coolant leaks
  • Symptoms of engine overheating (steam coming out from your car, temperature gauge goes up, unusual smell coming from the engine)

If you notice these symptoms, your radiator cap may be damaged and it’s time to get it replaced! Your engine can overheat if you don’t get the radiator cap repaired, and repairs are a lot more expensive if that happens! Bring it in as soon as you start seeing symptoms, your wallet will not regret it!

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