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Wipers and Lights

Let’s talk about your main form of communication to drivers- your signals. We will also be talking about the two facets that keep your vision as clear as possible- your car lights and wipers.

The Importance Of Wipers

Before we touch on the necessity of good car lights, we’ll talk briefly about wipers. Your wipers are what keep rain and snow from impairing your vision of the road while driving. Depending on how often they’re used, the type of wipers, how sunny it is, and how tough the conditions are on the wipers, you may need to replace them more often. Squeaking is a common sign that your wipers need to be replaced, along with the wipers streaking or skipping over your windshield. There are multiple types of wipers, called winter and summer wipers. Summer wipers are lighter than their winter counterparts because they only need to clean off rain from your windshield. Winter wipers are built to resist the weight of snow and slush on your windshield. We recommend having a set of each that you change out with the corresponding season.

Signals and Lights

As every driver knows, there are many different types of signals on your car. There are headlights, which grant you visibility while night driving. Tail lights show you the rear dimensions of the vehicle. The reverse lights, the white part of your red tail lights, indicate to others that you are reversing. Your brake lights turn on when you’re braking.  Fog lights are not in all cars, but they improve visibility in foggy conditions. There will be an indicator on your dashboard when they are being used. Turn signals and brake signals do as their names suggest: indicate a turn and brake respectively. Hazard lights tell everyone your car is presenting a hazard to the road. These are all lights that could fail, and most of them are difficult to detect when they do fail. When you believe that a car light is out, test all the lights on your car to find the lights that are failing. Replace that light as well as the light on the other side, as it may be close to going out as well. If this still doesn’t make the light turn on, there is an error somewhere inside the car rather than in the bulbs. This will involve testing, replacement of failed parts, and even rewiring.

For your car lights, the type of lights you use can affect how long they will last; some lights last longer than others. Generally, if the signals are blinking quickly, or if the lights are dimming, you should be looking to get them replaced.

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